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State of Wisconsin

State Government
Databases and News
College and K-12 Education

State Government

State of Wisconsin
The state's e-government portal--links are provided to the various components of state government. Some frequently visited directories include:

Wisconsin Blue Book-Almanac of Wisconsin Government (Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau)
Public access. Current and archived Wisconsin Blue Books are linked from within this directory. Major sections of the online Wisconsin Blue Book include: biographies of legislative, executive, and judicial branch members; a profile of agencies within the legislative, executive, and judicial branches; Wisconsin statistical information; and multiple documents related to historical and contemporary information. Note: The free Adobe Reader or the commercial application, Acrobat, must be installed to review the major documents within the online Wisconsin Blue Book.

Table of Contents, 2003-04 Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations--updated through October 31, 2004 (Wisconsin State Legislature)
Public access. Each chapter in this database has a separate Portable Document Format (.pdf or PDF) file. Therefore, Adobe Acrobat reader software is needed to read and print these files. These statutes are updated through the 2001 Wisconsin Act 5. A Folio Search option allows the researcher to quickly identify relevant statutes based on specific topics. Caveat: Only printed volumes of the Wisconsin Statutes are official text.

The Wisconsin Administrative Code and Register (Revisor of Statutes Bureau, Madison, WI)
Public access. The unofficial Wisconsin Administrative Code is reproduced as Portable Document Format (.pdf or PDF) files. Some Chapters and Appendices may not be available through this database. The official Wisconsin Administrative Code is available in print.

Wisconsin and U.S. Constitutions (Revisor of Statutes Bureau, Madison, WI)
Public access--file formats include both Folio and Portable Document Format (.pdf or PDF). The Wisconsin Constitution is available in PDF format, and separate link is provided for pending amendments. The U.S. Constitution is available as a PDF file, and a link is provided to the Declaration of Independence.

Wisconsin State Legislature
Public access. Senate and Assembly sections with links to legislators; legislation; support agencies; schedules of public hearings; general information; statutes, constitution, and administrative code; lobbyists; and other legislative Web sites. A resource for identifying the status and sponsors of Legislative Bills; and access to the electronic version of documents used to govern the State of Wisconsin.

Databases and News

BadgerLink (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning)

BadgerLink (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning)

Note. Access to BadgerLink's subscription-based databases is limited to Wisconsin residents. Your access to these databases is based on: 1) a Wisconsin library card code; 2) online registration; or 3) the server's matching of your IP (Internet Protocol) address with those included within the range of IP addresses submitted to BadgerLink by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) with customers in the state of Wisconsin. (Number three is the most common options for Wisconsin residents--contact BadgerLink if your ISP has not registered its range of IP addresses.)

BadgerLink has a subscription to the following research databases for Wisconsin residents: EBSCOhost, Searchasaurus, ProQuest, Wisconsin Newsstand, African American Biographical Database, Lit FINDER, and TeachingBooks. Additional links are provided Wisconsin-based Web sites related to government, education, and libraries.

Winnefox Automated Library Services (WALS)
A Wisconsin library card code is needed to access some online services. Links are provided for 19 public libraries in Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette, Waushara, and Winnebago counties, State of Wisconsin. Search the shared Library Catalog for collections within these libraries, and use the Winnefox Community Information Database to search for area agencies, clubs, and programs.

Information & Referral Service (I&R)
Public access. I&R includes a directory and search options for agencies, clubs, programs (e.g., housing, child care), services (e.g., health and mental health), and business in Winnebago, Waushara, Green Lake, and Marquette Counties (in WI). This is a joint program of the Oshkosh Area United Way and the Oshkosh Public Library.

Wisconsin Electronic Reader (Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commission)
Public access. Illustrated stories, essays, biographies, and events related to Wisconsin history. This is an online project of the University of Wisconsin General Library System and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, Inc.--WPRI (Thiensville, WI)
Public access. Online access is provided for nonpartisan survey data and research reports related to issues (e.g., education, criminal justice, taxes, economic development, etc.) that affect Wisconsin residents. Reports are available in .pdf (portal document format), and this online access option is available for most reports issued since 1995 (contact WPRI for a physical copy of report issued between 1988 and 1995).

College and K-12 Education

University of Wisconsin System (UW System Administration)
Links are provided to Wisconsin's 13 two- and 13 four-year taxpayer-supported campuses, and its statewide UW-Extension programs and services.

Wisconsin Technical College System (Wisconsin Technical College System Office)
Access the primary campus or its satellite campuses for information related to technical programs, student services, business employee programs, and professional development seminars.

Members-Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (Madison, WI)
A link is provided to Web site of each member of the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. Additional services and organizational contacts are linked from within the membership directory.

Education Resource List (Wisconsin K-12 Education Sites)
A Department of Public Instruction (DPI) directory with links to education-related resources and the Web sites for K-12 schools in WI.

Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
WEAC is the labor and public representative for its 88,000 members. Major directories within its Web site include: teaching and learning; news and information; online services; and all about WEAC.


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