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A Girl's World (A Girl's World Productions, Inc., Oceanside, CA)
A free online magazine (created in 1996) with daily, weekly and monthly features written and edited entirely by girls and teens the world over. Music and movie reviews, and articles related to family and peer relationships.

Girls, Inc. (New York, NY)
Girls, Inc. was created in 1945 to offer programs for girls between the ages of 6 and 18. This site provides links to news, resources, advocacy, and a database of Girl, Inc. centers that are located in most states in the U.S. 

iEmily.com (Northampton, MA)
A health and wellness Web site for teen girls with directories such as: Sex, Body and Health; Your Mind and Feelings; Healthy Eating; Natural Health; Keep Fit; Forums and Chats; etc. This site provides up-to-date and age-appropriate information created by health specialists.

National Organization for Women-NOW (Washington, DC)
Position papers, press releases, and reports related to a number of issues (e.g., abortion and reproductive rights, Affirmative Action, economic equity, sexual harassment, legislation, violence against women, etc.). General and organizational information, and links to other resources are included.

Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) Online (Arlington, VA)
This site provides feminist news, articles, and identifies issues that need redress through advocacy, policy changes, and/or legislation. Events sponsored by the FMF and other organizations are posted.

National Women's Hall of Fame (Seneca Falls, NY)
Use the Women of the Hall directory and its alphabetical listing (or search engine) to find a link to biographical information about many women in U.S. History.

National Women's History Museum (Annandale, VA)
Public access. Web site directories include: News and events; Cyber museum (a focus on women suffrage); Tour; Images; Timeline, and Quiz. Links are provided for additional resources. (A museum store is linked to iGive.com.)

National Women's History Project (Santa Rosa, CA)
Public access--commercial products. News and events are combined with the promotion of services, events, and products (mostly books and other publications). The commercial products within the Women's History Resources directory include: books, music, posters, learning, multimedia, games, memorabilia, household and office items, and more.

4000 Years of Women in Science (Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Alabama)
With an emphasis on pre-twentieth century women in science, this site includes: (brief) biographies, references, and several photographs.

Women (Lycos, Inc., Waltham, MA)
A directory within Lycos People--it has links to topics about famous women and health; and community guides that address personal, educational, social, and policy issues specific to women (e.g., history, the workplace, feminism, etc.).

Womanist Theory and Research-WTR (Institute for African American Studies, The University of Georgia)
WTR's stated goal is to promote womanist inclusively, and provide a forum for exchanging feminist research, theory, and ideas among women of color who are scholars and students in the humanities, social sciences, education, theology, law, medicine, politics, librarianship, journalism, art, information technologies, and telecommunications. This site also provides links to other resources, selected articles, fellowship options, and a monthly newsletter.

Making Face, Making Soul: A Chicana Feminist Homepage (Susana L. Gallardo, Stanford University)
Position papers, book reviews, many relevant links to Chicana Studies, and statistical information. A good site for developing awareness and information related to Chicanas.

WomenInWorldHistory.com (Women In World History Curriculum, Berkeley, CA)
An information-and-commercial site with links to articles related to the women leaders. These resources, along with additional items noted within the various Q&A directories, are written for teachers, high school students, parents, and anyone interested in history. Curriculum items are for sale through this Web site.

ChickClick.com (Snowball.com, Inc.)
An ad-supported portal with information and interactive options for women and teenage girls. Many informative channels are available (e.g., college, relating, fitness, society, politics, etc.). Other services include chickboards, chickradio, and chickmail.


Men (Lycos, Inc.)
A directory within Lycos People--links are provided to community guides that with information about: gender issues; men; men's health; Promise Keepers; single fathers, and veterans.

Promise Keepers (PK)--Official PK Web Site
Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered ministry with a dedicated to uniting men to become Godly influences in their world. This site contains links to schedules, newsletters, and other valuable information about Promise Keepers (PK).


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