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Children, Couples, and Families

Couples and Families


Children's Defense Fund (CDF)
The CDF provides a strong and effective voice for children in the U.S.--they cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves. This site has position statements about issues that children experience, news, reports, and links. A search option is available. An electronic version of: Children in the States: 1998 Data Book, is linked to the main site.

TeenInk (The Young Authors Foundation, Inc., Newton, MA)
The online version of this national teen magazine--all articles are written by teenage authors. In addition to nonfiction articles, TeenInk has directories for art, poetry, interviews, fiction, reviews (books, movies, music, television, summer programs, colleges, etc.), opinion, sports, and community service. Teens, parents, teachers will find relevant content and referral information within this site.

TeenGrowth.com (KG Investments, LLC)
A site with health information provided by physicians for common topics (e.g., puberty, family, school, friends, danger, drugs, sex, and emotions). Their stated mission is "…to provide a secure environment where teens can ask questions and find reliable and useful information…"

Teenwire (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)
Links to articles and information that focus on sexuality, relationship, and health issues for teens. Additionally, teens have the option to submit questions (Ask The Experts), review the Q&A archives, and submit or read stories within the Hothouse (or speak your mind) directory.

Children Now (Oakland, CA)
An organization founded in 1988, Children Now is a California-based nonpartisan, independent voice for children. (Most issues are relevant for families and children outside the State of California.) This site has publications, a newsletter, and other resources that are designed to provide information and promote advocacy for children.

KidsHealth.org (Nemours Foundation)
A major directory for Parents, Kids, and Teens contains links to relevant articles that provide information and answer common questions. KidsHealth utilize medical experts, and employ writers and designers to create a voluminous content for their three major directories.

KidsGrowth.com (KG Investments, LLC, Tampa, FL)
Public Access. Medical professionals have been selected to provide health and developmental information for parents of children and adolescents. Directories for parenting resources and tips include: child growth and development, childhood behavior, immunizations, safety sports, and more. Book reviews are provided, and lists for poison control and product recalls can be accessed. 

Top 100 Family Sites (Robichaud Enterprises)
Family-related learning and leisure activities are identified, ranked, and linked within this Web site. Use the directory rankings, the QuickList, or search for Web sites with content areas of interest.

Couples and Families

Families and Children (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
Links are provided for topics ranging from adoption to Web sites for teenagers. The family issues directory provides a wealth of information related to child support, domestic violence, violence against children, child neglect, and drug misuse.

Families USA-nonprofit and nonpartisan (Washington, DC)
Public access. Access information and related to U.S. healthcare--more specifically, Medicare, Medicaid, and the uninsured. The Publications and Related Links directories include multiple resources for education and advocacy.

Family Management (Lycos, Inc., Waltham, MA)
A subdirectory of Lycos--links for topics from adoption to software. Many informative links related to children and events that influence families in the United States.

Council on Contemporary Families--CCF (New York, NY)
A nonprofit organization, which advocates for a national dialogue about social, psychological, and legal issues that affect contemporary families in the U.S. A position is taken the "family values" rubric is too simple to analyze and address complex issues. The directories within this Web site provide information and articles related to poverty and marriage, current controversies (e.g., discipline, daycare, gay and lesbian families, etc.), fact sheets, educational materials, links to other resources, and more.

Parenting Coalition International, Inc.--PCI (Washington, DC)
A nonprofit membership-based organization, which supports the needs and interests of parents, practitioners, and those dedicated to strengthening fragile families. Links are provided to articles, information, and parental and professional development services.

Children's Rights Council--CRC (Hyattsville, MD)
Promoted as a child-focus, nonprofit organization, which provide information and educational services that strengthen families and helps children with divorced parents have ongoing and meaningful contact with both parents (and extended family members). The best interest of children is a guiding principle--as noted in the Children's Bill of Rights. Links are provided to CRC State Chapters, research, legislation, useful Web sites, documents, etc.

Stepfamily Association of America--SAA (Lincoln, NE)
Fee-based membership options: 1) General--for individuals who are part of a stepfamily or maintain a layperson type of interest in stepfamilies; and 2) Professional Affiliate--for licensed mental health professionals with at least three years of experience in providing counseling services for stepfamilies. Nonmembers have limited access to the resources available through the Web sites. Nevertheless, the Stepfamily Fact Sheet and Resource Catalog (or stepfamily-related books) provide useful information for nonmembers with an interest in stepfamilies.


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