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Electronic Publications

Electronic Journal--Counseling (and related areas)
Online Databases (for generic and scholarly articles)


CTOnline (Counseling Today Online, American Counseling Association, Alexandria, VA)
CTOnline is the World Wide Web version of Counseling Today, a monthly publication of the American Counseling Association.

Monitor on Psychology (American Psychological Association [APA])
Access current and archived (from January 1998) issues of the Monitor, including articles within the sections for: Association, Education, In Brief, Practice, Public Interest, and Science. Featured and Departments articles also are available to the public. Search APA's database or access its Help Center.

NASW (National Association of Social Workers) News
Online access to the monthly (except August and December) publication of the professional magazine for social workers.

No registration is required for online access to past issues of Reason.com, and links to articles from other magazines or e-zines. Additional directories for breaking issues and archived feature articles.

Electronic Journals--Counseling (and related areas)

Journal of Technology in Counseling (Editors: Marty Jencius, Kent State University and Michael Baltimore, Columbus State University)
An innovative, peer reviewed electronic journal for counselor educators, practitioners, and student counselors who are interested in the infusion of technology into teaching and practice. Published articles include streaming media and other interactive options.

Psychiatric Times (Continuing Medical Education, Inc.)
The public can access articles within this widely read publication, and its articles are relevant for different graduate program students and licensed professionals (it isn't only for psychiatrists). Past Issues are available online from 1995. Also, the Online Exclusive directory includes additional articles for researchers and practitioners. 

Self-Help Magazine (Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.)
Use the Article Library Department or Resources (A-Z index or search option) directory to identify and read articles and essays written by hundreds of volunteer professionals. Read what others are discussing in the monitored Peer Discussion Forums, or join in and share your knowledge, ideas, and feelings. Additional resources and services are available (e.g., no cost electronic newsletter, bookstore, etc.)

The Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research--JPPR (American Psychiatric Association, Inc.)
Public access is provided to an archive (1998-2001) of full-text articles within JPPR--only abstracts are available for volume 6 or 1997. Use the by Subject, by Issue, or by Section directories to expedite your search. Note: Starting in 2002, JPPR won't be published online--it has been integrated into the printed version of the American Journal of Psychotherapy.

Online Databases (for generic and scholarly articles)

Access options for two online databases are explained within another directory--refer to: Recommended Databases--Ebsco and ProQuest

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