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Behavioral Sciences Statistics

Statistical Computation


Glossary of Measurement Terms (Resource Center, Harcourt Assessment, Inc., San Antonio, TX)
Public access. Quickly find descriptions, graphs, and formulas for statistical and other terms related to ability and psychological assessments.

Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms (Howard S. Hoffman; The Animated Software Company)
Public access--commercial options. Use the FLASH version or an HTML formatted list of approximately 40 common statistical concepts and practices. (A suggested learning order for statistical concepts is available.)

Statistics Glossary ((StatSoft, Inc., Tulsa, OK))
An alphabetical index for statistical concepts, tests, and formulas.

Glossary-jargon used by educators and reformers (Education Week on the Web, Editorial Projects in Education, Inc., Bethesda, MD)
Public access. A list of terms typically used by educators, reformers, and policymakers. Some terms are linked to an "issues" directory, wherein, more in-depth information is provided.

Statistical Computation

HyperStat Online Textbook (David M. Lane, Rice University)
Public access. This HTML formatted introductory statistics book includes links to 18 chapter and the contents within each chapter. Links to other sites and books are provided.

Open Learning Initiative (Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburg, PA)
Public access--Creative Commons Attribution--Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Relevant self-study information and activities for independent learners (or instructors). The most relevant learning modules (with alternative formats) for student and professional counselors include:

  • Statistics. An introduction to statistical reasoning, including basic concepts and logic. Specific topics include sampling, design, probability, inferences, data analysis, and other topics.

  • Empirical Research Methods. An exploration of the mathematical foundations of regression and its practical application to empirical (or replicable) research designs.

Electronic Statistics Textbook (StatSoft, Inc., Tulsa, OK)
Public access. Elementary and advanced statistical methods are described, and formulas and graphics are included to support the stated goal, which is: to understand and apply statistics. (The corporate author of this Web site is the owner of STATISTICA, which includes desktop, enterprise, and Web-based options for researchers and businesses worldwide.)

Psychstat (David W. Stockburger, Professor Emeritus, Psychology Department, Southwest Missouri State University)
Public access. Site resources include both introductory and more advanced statistical concepts, models, formulas, and online calculators. Links are provided to public access and commercial Web sites with statistical analysis options for behavioral and social science research.

Bulk Data Entry: Descriptive Statistics (hosted by: Department of Physics, College of Saint Benedict-Saint John's University)
Public access. Use the data box to enter scores (according one of three conventions), calculate, and receive your results for: mean, standard deviation, range, quartile range, and the probability of a normal distribution. The results also provide options to create percentile and cumulative fraction plots.

VassarStats-Statistical Computation (Richard Lowry Professor of Psychology, Vassar College)
Computation options for basic to intermediate statistical analyses (e.g., correlation, probability, ANOVA, etc.). (Note: Calculations require a Java-enhanced browser.)

Statistics Calculators (Jan de Leeuw, et al. Department of Statistics, UCLA)
Public access. Several online calculators are provided for typical (correlation and regression, sample size, histogram, etc.) and more advanced (boxplot, [normal] distribution, binomial, exponential, etc.) statistical computations.

Journal of Statistics Education-JSE (American Statistical Association-ASA, Alexandria, VA)
Public access--some inline ads. Use the current, archive, or index directory identify peer-reviewed journal articles. JSE is an electronic journal, which provides a knowledge base for improving all levels statistics education, and the application of statistics within workplaces.


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