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Career Services

General Resources
Online Options--Commercial and Public Access Inventories
State of Wisconsin and Federal Information
Client and Student Education

General Resources

ACRN-America's Career Resource Network (Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education)
Public access. A nationwide network (59 U.S. states and territories), which provides services that support academic and career skills for youth and adults. Use the Network directory to identify your state branch of ACRN on a clickable map--most branches include a link to their state-based Web site. Many state branches of ACRN include information for parents of youth who are exploring the world of work. 

nextSTEP Magazine (The Next Step Magazine, Inc., Victor, NY)
Public access. A resource for student and professional counselors that work with youth who are motivated to explore and plan their occupational options and lifestyle. Some of the directories within this site are: Feature Articles; College Applications; Career Exploration; College Preparation; Life Skills; Different Avenues; Teen Editorial; On the Light Side; and Cool Links.

Online Options--Commercial and Public Access Inventories

Self-Directed Search (SDS) John L. Holland--Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
Cost: $9.95 USD, October 2006
Commercial. Consumers can complete and pay for the Self-Directed Search (SDS) online. A personalized, screen-printable report (8-16 pages) follows the successful completion (about 15 minutes), and your credit card payment. The SDS provides a list of occupations and academic options that are consistent with your stated interests. A sample of the Self-Directed Search Interpretive Report can be reviewed.

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey--CISS (David P. Campbell--NCS Pearson)
Cost: $18.00 USD, September 2007
Commercial--link is to a secure (i.e., https:) server account. Consumers can pay for the CISS, complete the survey, and receive a personal report. This report compares the respondent's endorsement pattern with individuals who are successfully employed in about 60 occupations, and a career planner is included to assist with interpreting the report and creating plans.

Career Zone (State of New York)
Public access, noncommercial. Respondents select their primary, secondary, and tertiary interests by using John Holland's RIASEC typology. Thereafter, a View Jobs option is presented--it provides a list of specific and general job categories based on the three-letter Holland Code and its common permutations. (Some jobs include an audiovisual clip--RealPlayer 7 or later must be installed.) Typically, job-related data are specific to the State of New York; however, the general information (e.g., excluding projected demand and salary ranges in New York) can be useful for residents from any state.

State of Wisconsin and Federal Information

WISCareers-Wisconsin Careers (Center on Education and Work, School of Education, University of Wisconsin)
Access restricted to subscribers--Login, or a take Guest Tour--an option is available for a free, two-week trial subscription. The services of WISCareers are available to students and staff within subscribing K-12 schools, technical colleges, job or career centers, and public library patrons within the State of Wisconsin--organization outside Wisconsin can obtain a subscription. Students, staff, and patrons of subscribing organizations can access online career information and development services--teachers, instructors, and trainers can acquire removal media and printed instructional material. 

  • The Center on Education and Work has professional development options and other resources for career counseling professional within and outside the State of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD)
Public access. The DWD helps people find jobs; work with employers to find workers; assist those who are temporarily unemployed; provide career development services for youth; and administer labor and work safety laws. Wisconsin's JobNet has a search system, and it contains current job opportunities that employers have listed with the Wisconsin Job Service.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)-recent edition (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)
Public access. Use the search, index, and browse options to identify the characteristics of specific occupations. General and statistical information related to each occupation include: nature of work; working conditions; employment; training, qualifications and advancement; job outlook; earnings; related occupations; sources for additional information; and O*Net Codes.

O*NET OnLine (National Center for O*NET Development, U.S. Department of Labor)
Public access. Use the directories--Find Occupations; Skills Search, and Crosswalk Search to identify occupations, evaluate your skills, and find matching occupations based on multiple occupational codes or designations.

Client and Student Education

Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection--Unabridged (Dr. Bob--Robert Hsiung, MD)
Public access. A comprehensive list of links is provided to electronically published virtual pamphlets from university counseling centers throughout the United States. These pamphlets explain (or "deconstruct") mental disorders (e.g., Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Eating Disorder, etc.), and discuss multiple psychosocial experiences (e.g., assertiveness, adjustment to college, grief and loss, stress management, dating and relationships, and more).

Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection--University of Chicago Version (Student Counseling and Resources Services (SCRC)
Public access. An organized and edited list of links to virtual pamphlets that have been identified for University of Chicago students who seek counseling-related information and services.

The Clearinghouse Abstract Catalogue (Clearinghouse for Structured/Thematic Groups and Innovative Programs; Counseling and Mental Health Center, The University of Texas at Austin)
Public access. This catalogue is based on group counseling and psychoeducation programs created by approximately 100 mental health professionals in two areas: 1) Structured/Thematic Groups; and 2) Innovative Programs. The fee for program guides range from $3.00-$9.00 USD (October 2006), and they are distributed through the Clearinghouse or directly from each author.


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