WCA Presentation, 1997

Wisconsin Counseling Association (WCA)
1997 Convention, Middleton, WI
November 6, 1997

Raymond Perry Jr, PhD
1997: Dept of Counselor Education, UW Oshkosh
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Topic: Brief Therapy and Psychologically-Based Brief Counseling

Presentation Outline

Section One

Cognitions and Brief Psychotherapy: Beck and Burns

Cognitive Distortions
Ways to Untwist Cognitive Distortions
Homework Assignment (Cognitive 
Distortions or "Twisted" Thinking)
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Triple Column Technique
How to Overcome Fears, Phobias,
and Panic Attacks
The Vertical Arrow Technique
TIC (Tasks-Interfering Cognitions)-
TOC (Task-Oriented Cognitions)
Ten Attitudes That Keep You From 
Expressing Your Feelings
Ten Attitudes That Prevent You
From Listening
Fears and Uncertainties
Mood Checklist

Section Two

Cognitions and Brief Psychotherapy: Ellis and Associates

Conceptual Model: A, B, C, D, and E
REBT: Philosophical Influences, and 
Primary Concepts
Beliefs and Biology
Conceptualizing and Disputing
Irrational Beliefs
REBT: Psychological Disturbance and Health
Distinction Between Appropriate and  Inappropriate Negative Emotions
REBT Illogicalities
REBT Theory and Criteria for Psychological Health

Note: Circa 1994, Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET) was changed to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)--the latter is used in this presentation.

World Wide Web Resources (Nov. 1997)
Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page
Internet Mental Health
Yahoo! Mental Health
Depression Central

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