Presentation: NCACES 1998 Conference


North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES)

1998 Conference, Kansas City, MO
October 9, 1998

Raymond Perry Jr, PhD
1998: Dept of Counselor Education, UW Oshkosh

Courseware Sites
Electronic Articles and Courseware Comparison
Web Course Information Sites


"Information Technology (IT): An Adjunct to Traditional Teaching Methods in Counselor Education"


How are counselor educators integrating Web-based distance education options into their curricula?  A review of many counselor education programs reveal very few Web course information supplements, and even fewer actual Web courses.

A forceful argument could be made that counselor education programs cannot completely satisfy their mission by offering significant parts of their curricula through Web courses. The traditional methods of education, and a heuristic evaluation brings into question the effectiveness of offering "process-type" courses via the Web.  Therefore, this presentation explores options that will support Web course information, and actual Web instruction options for lecture-type courses in counselor education curricula.

Status and Change

Much attention has been given to the University of Phoenix, a private system which offers undergraduate and graduate business programs at campuses and learning centers in 12 twelve states and Puerto Rico. Additionally, the September 25, 1998 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education listed the following regional, state, and university-based educational systems that provide distance education through the Web. The Chronicle article noted that "...electronic institutions vary greatly in structure. Some are little more than World-Wide Web sites that direct students to courses offered by traditional institutions. Others are institutions in their own right, with administrators, accreditation, and the ability to grant degrees" (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1998, A37).

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Regional and National Institutions and Consortia

West: Western Governors University

South: Southern Regional Electronic Campus

Midwest: Common Market of Courses and Institutes


California: California Virtual University (Changed to

Florida: Florida Virtual Campus (courses and programs from public colleges and universities)

Indiana: Indiana College Network

Pennsylvania: Penn State World Campus (Outreach and Distance Education)


OnlineCSU (Connecticut State University System)

The SUNY Learning Network (State University of New York)

The University of Texas System: UT TeleCampus

Capella University
A Minneapolis, MN university created in 1998. It has online and directed study curricula, and it is NCA accredited. The School of Human Services offers master's and doctoral programs in professional counseling and related specialty areas.

UCLA Extension (Certificate Program in College Counseling--for High School Counselors)

Jones International University (Refer to the JIU Fact Sheet for additional information)

What are some viable options for counselor educators? Will we partner with other disciplines on our campuses to create student-centered and Web-based courses? The following electronic resources have been identified to minimize the learning curve for counselor educators.  This will allowing us to join other disciplines and professions that are offering alternative and quality distance education via the Internet and World Wide Web.

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Courseware Sites

LearningSpace and Lotus Notes (Lotus/IBM)

Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) [Nicenet]

Web Course in a Box (MadDuck Technologies--purchased by Blackboard, Inc. in March 2000)

NetForum (University of Wisconsin Biomedical Computing Group)--not available (12/01)

Virtual-U (Simon Fraser University, Canada)


TopClass (WBT Systems, Ireland)

Blackboard (Blackboard Inc.)

eCollege (formerly, Real Education)

Collegis Eduprise

ClassPoint (Virtual Classroom)--White Pine Software, Inc. is, in 2001, First Virtual Communications

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Electronic Articles and Courseware Comparison

Evaluation and Selection of Web Course Management Tools

Sunil Hazari, Ed.D
The Robert H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland, College Park

The author states that, "The purpose of this document is not to provide vendor specific evaluations, but to describe the methodology and selection process for course development tools that provided best fit based on existing infrastructure, faculty experience, needs, and additional criteria which emerged during the evaluation process."

Choosing a Virtual Communal Space for Your Course

Professor Tom Creed
Psychology Department
College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University (MN)
The Virtual Companion, Oryx Press

Professor Creed provides a brief commentary on the following courseware options: Web Course in a Box, WebCT, Nicenet (Internet Classroom Assistant), NetForum, and TopClass (WBT Systems). Links are provided for sites that have information about Web-based courses and virtual communities.

Online Educational Delivery Applications--A Web Tool for Comparative Analysis (Centre for CurriculumTransfer and Technology)

Professor Bruce Landon
Douglas College
New Westminster, B.C.

A site that evaluates courseware based on such variables as: technical specifications, instructional design values, media capabilities, tools, ease of use, accessibility to persons with disabilities, potential for collaboration and connectivity, contact information, application reviews.

Courseware reviewed: WebCT, Virtual-U, Top Class, Learning Space. and Web course in a Box. And component applications reviewed include: FirstClass, TeamWave, NortonConnect, Allaire Forums, and WebBoard.

The Chronicle of Higher Education--Information Technology
This site provides general access to some articles and announcements, and access all areas for individuals who subscribe to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Web Course Information Sites

Contemporary Philosophy 235 (section .01) Fall, 1998 (not available, 12/01)

Professor Mike Awalt
Belmont University
Courseware: Web Course in a Box (WCB)

390--Group Dynamics, Fall, 1998 (not available, 12/01)

Professor Aubrey Immelman
Saint John's University
Courseware: Web Course in a Box (WCB)

Career Development & Information Services (EDSP 5254; Spring 1999) [not available, 12/01]

Professor Tom Hohenshil
Virginia Tech
Chairperson, ACES Technology Interest Network.

A Course-Specific Web Site (No Courseware)

PSYC 320--Principles of Learning and Behavior (only selected directories are available, 12/01)

Professor Tom Creed, Psychology Department
College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University (MN)

A Course-Specific Web Site (No Courseware)--Tom Creed created a Web course information site that includes HTML, Java Scripts, and QuickTime files. This site represents what may be achieved beyond basic Web course information.

World Lecture Hall (WLH) (UT at Austin)
WLH is NOT a software system, instead, many Web course information sites and syllabi are linked under various disciplines (and topics).

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