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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019
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Online Newspapers 
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The Seattle Times

San Francisco Chronicle

The Sacramento Bee (San Diego Union-Tribune)

The Salt Lake Tribune (The Denver Post)

The Arizona Republic

Tucson Citizen

The Santa Fe New Mexican (Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times)

Detroit Free Press

Chicago Sun-Times

St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

The Boston Globe

The New York Times

The Cincinnati Post

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Greensboro, NC) (Tallahassee Democrat)

St. Petersburg Times

Note. Our updates include the elimination of online newspapers that require a registration for access to multiple articles. Many online newspapers require a one-time registration and a logon (either manually or via Cookies) to access multiple articles.  

Links to Newspapers AJR (American Journalism Review)

The CyberJournalist List Journalists' Weblogs (Jonathan Dube, The Media Center, American Press Institute)
A comprehensive list of J-Blogs (Journalists' Weblogs), which contains categories for professional news sites, independent journalists, personal Weblogs, and "spot news" blogs. 

Satirical Newspaper (for adults)--Onion, Inc., Madison, WI

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