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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019
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Online Magazines
Access to current and past articles included in printed version of Newsweek. Many articles include, as a supplement to the text, audio and video clips, and links to additional information. Current information form MSNBC.
TIME.Com provides access to current events articles, and links to features and topics. The search options allows for access to relevant articles from past print and electronic issues. 

BusinessWeek Online
(McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.)

(Rodale, Inc.)
(subscription for selected articles)
(Time Warner Company)

(Time Warner Company)
(Time, Inc.)

(iVillage, Inc.)
(National Geographic Society)
(U.S. News & World Report, L.P.)

(Microsoft Corporation)

The Advocate
(LPI Media, Inc.)

Mother Earth News
(Ogden Publications, Inc.)

The Atlantic Online
(The Atlantic Monthly Group)
(Foundation for National Progress)

(Utne Magazine) (The Consortium for Independent Journalism, Arlington, VA)
Access many articles contributed by journalists, U.S. and international publishers, and wire services.

Links to Magazines: AJR--American Journalism Review
Read headline stories, national and international news, and access information within several channels (e.g., moneyscope, sports, science, technology politics, health, lifestyles, etc.). Also, Webcasts and streaming media options are provided.
Access news reports in electronic print, or access video and audio clips of news stories (Microsoft's Windows Media Player or the latest version of RealPlayer is required for streaming audio and video).

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