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Online Services--Ethics and Practice Standards
Providers and Referral Services
Individual Providers

Online Services--Ethics and Practice Standards

The Practice of Internet Counseling (National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. [NBCC]) date

2005 ACA Code of Ethics (American Counseling Association)--(PDF or .pdf file) Section A, The Counseling Relationship: A.12 Technology Applications

Ethical Standards for Internet Online Counseling (Approved by the Governing Council, American Counseling Association) -October 1999

APA Statement on Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet (Ethics Committee of the American Psychological Association) -November 5, 1997

International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO)
A not-for-profit organization, which was formed in 1997 to promote the development, understanding, and integration of information technology options within mental health services.

Suggested Principles for the Online Provision of Mental Health Services (International Society for Mental Health Online [ISMHO])

Metanoia--dormant ["a change of mind"] (Martha Ainsworth,
Public access. This Web site has been transformed from that of a former Internet consultant for providers of "e-therapy" to a site for both consumers and providers of e-therapy.. Multiple guidelines and tips are provided for potential consumers and provider of these e-therapy services.

The Psychology of Cyberspace (John Suler, PhD, Department of Psychology, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ)
An online book with links to article and subjects--a book search system is available.

Providers and Referral Services (Internet Therapist, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ)
Approximately 16 e-therapists, who provide e-mail and audiovisual Internet counseling, are identified. The e-mail exchange system is not disclosed [April 2005]. NetMeeting, CUworld Instant Messaging (previously, CUseeMe), MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger are used for [live] audiovisual Internet counseling. Public service components include links to health tips, sample e-mail responses and articles (Site Map> Therapists Staff), and other services. The public can access monitored discussion groups--a no cost registration is required to post messages. (MyTHERAPYnet, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA)
Select and communicate with a therapist from a list of approximately 350 professionals with complete biographies (the overall database lists approximately 800 therapists and "life coaches"). Multilingual (e.g., English, Farsi, Russian, and Spanish) therapists are available. Online communication security between a client and therapist is assured; however, details related to the proprietary technologies used is vague (especially with regard to live or synchronous client-therapist exchanges). Complete biographies are available for about 350 therapists and "life coaches" (from a database of approximately 800 [April 2005]).

Online Counseling at 4eTherapy (Find-a-Therapist, Inc., Mesa, AZ)
Identify approximately a dozen therapists associated with Online Counseling at 4eTherapy. These independent therapists offer e-mail and [live] chat services. Electronic messages are exchanged through Safe-mail e-mail accounts, and live service appears to be based on PHP Live, which is a Web browser-based customer support system.

Therapist Directory: Find-a-Therapist (Find-a-Therapist, Inc., Mesa, AZ)
Use the U.S. listings, professional directories, or international listings to identify a therapist in your area. (An atypical search system is available.) A profile (including contact information) is available for each professional or organization, which has purchased a listing with Find-a-Therapist. Use Our Family of Directories to identify other Find-a-Therapist domain names and associated therapists and organizations.

Individual Provider (Jody L. Friesen Grande, LICSW, PhD; Minnetonka MN)
Online service options for therapy, family consultation, and personal coaching are based on e-mail correspondence. Services (for many disorders and issues) are provided from within a holistic framework (i.e., focusing on the mind, body, and spirit connection). There is not a charge for the initial e-mail correspondence for any option. HopeAllianz has an online Mental Health Resource Center and a free monthly Newsletter.

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