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Multimedia--RealOne and Musicmatch

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Media Player and Browser
RealPlayer-Basic [upper right corner for the noncommercial option] (RealNetworks, Inc., Seattle, WA)
Microsoft Windows 98se, Me, 2000 (Service Pack 2 or later), or XP; Internet Explorer 5.x or later

  • An ad-supported media player
  • (RealPlayer-Basic includes options for commercial services)
  • Online Radio, Video, and Music Jukebox
  • Some features require Windows Media Player 6.0 or later, and QuickTime Player 4.0 or later

A commercial RealPlayer and associated music services are available.

Music Player and Manager--"nags" for commercial services
Musicmatch Jukebox-Free (Musicmatch, Inc., San Diego, CA; Yahoo Inc., Sunnyvale, CA)
Microsoft Windows XP; Internet Explorer 6.x or later

Features (Note: Non-subscribers are limited to one hour of streamed playlist music during each 24-hour period)
  • (at a minimum, a broadband Internet connection is needed)
  • music player--radio, song lists (various file types), CDs, and streamed music
    • streamed radio playlists--depending on file type, up to 160Kbps; about 200 free (genre, artist and related artists) and commercial (genre, artist on demand) playlists
    • 60 minutes of CD quality music from playlists each 24 hours 
  • MP3 recorder (rip and record from CDs)
  • CD burner--.mp3, .wav (download required), and .wma (Windows Media Audio) files
  • music library-- categories for sorting music files
  • portable device manager (with drag-and-drop)
  • biographies--individual artists and/or group members..
  • music guide (artist info, reviews, etc.)
  • volume leveling (for all file in a music collection)

Jukebox Plus is a commercial Player with CD ripping and burning features, and music
subscription service options.

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