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Annotations and Links. The Portal for Student and Professional Counselors (PSPC) sponsor, Web Education Laboratory, LLC, is held harmless for the annotations and links to Web sites herein. The annotations reflect the best overview of products or services that are provided by a Web site, and recorded during our evaluation period. Therefore, our annotations are not inclusive statements. 

The URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) for Web site files and documents have become more stable in recent years (or since 2000). However, the PSPC does not promise that each of the over 800 links will direct a visitor to the identified Web site (or document). 

Portal Services. The Discussion, PSPC Corkboard, and PSPC E-Mail services are included to demonstrate the availability of ad-support services that might be used by student and professional counselors (or others). The PSPC does not explicitly recommend or endorse these ad-supported services. 

Equity Principles. Annotations and links to organizations that do not support equity principles with respect to individuals from identifiable racial, ethnic, religious, gender, or sexual orientation groups are for the purpose of information and education, and not an implied endorsement of their viewpoints.

Guidelines. The human development components the PSPC are guided by, but not organized around, the eight common core areas of knowledge promulgated by CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs). Note: CACREP does not explicitly address the Information Technology (IT) competencies needed by student and professional counselors; therefore, the IT dimension of the PSPC is based on generic competencies the manager's experience.

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