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Portal for Student and Professional Counselors (PSPC)
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About PSPC

Technical Note: This site includes Java or .class files that execute components of its navigation system. Therefore, a Web browser needs an installed and activated Java engine (e.g., Microsoft Virtual Machine for Internet Explorer) to use the Java-dependent navigation options.  -October 2003 


As a community service project of the Web Education Laboratory, LLC, the PSPC is committed to providing relevant, Web-based human development and information technology resources for student and professional counselors. 

Guidelines. The human development components the PSPC are guided by, but not organized around, the eight common core areas of knowledge promulgated by CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs). Note: CACREP does not explicitly address the Information Technology (IT) competencies needed by student and professional counselors; therefore, the IT dimension of the PSPC is based on generic competencies the manager's experience.

PSPC Owner

The Portal for Student and Professional Counselors (PSPC) is a community service project of the Web Education Laboratory, LLC. This portal provides access to over 800 annotated Web sites (i.e. HTML-based files, and various document). The approximately 50 HTML-based files within the PSPC have been indexed by popular search engines and directory systems (e.g., Google, AOL Search, MSN Search, Yahoo, AltaVista, LookSmart, etc.).

The PSPC was launched in July 2000, and main site or "home page" recorded approximately 4,500 unique visitors from July 2000 through mid-December 2001. 

The current visitor counting system provides a record for the number of unique visitors (from a specific date) to the main site and all PSPC files. Therefore, the total number of visitors to the PSPC is the sum of unique visitors for each of the approximately 50 files within this portal. For example, many visitors access a specific file, which is linked from the database of a search engine. 

Note. We account for traffic to the PSPC by using the unique visitors notation instead of "hits." The hits statistic, as traditionally used, is the collective record of all objects downloaded with the requested file on a Web server--most directories include multiple objects (e.g., HTML-rendered text, graphics, browser-executed scripts, etc.). The Web hosting provider for this portal uses session cookies to accurately records unique visitors (as opposed to hits).


This portal is designed for modern Windows operating systems with Web browsers that are configured to support [session] cookies and the rendering of Java files--for example:

  • [designed for] Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or later
  • Netscape 4.x and later
  • Customized or other browsers (e.g., Opera) are okay if they are configured to support cookies and Java
  • (Browsers running within Macintosh operating systems might inaccurately display some files within this portal.)

Revision History

  • October 2003: additional Information Technology (IT) resources; added navigation options
  • March 2003: Reformatted--graphics minimized, download time optimized
  • October 2002: Format changed to increase the speed of file downloads 
  • December 2001: All [hyper]links verified 
  • December 2001: Changed the Web editor to Microsoft FrontPage 
  • March 2001: Additional content and revisions 
  • November 2000: Additional content and revisions
  • July 2000: PSPC created with the Web editor, Claris Home Page

Note. A failure to access any directory within this site might involve server maintenance, power failure, or an outage within an Internet backbone (although this is unlikely without a catastrophic network failure). 

If a visitor is redirected to the OOPS! file, we encourage you to use the site-based search engine (Atomz) to identify Web resources. (We update the Atomz search engine logs after we update the content or change the each significant change in content and file names.) 

Your use of this portal is appreciated! 

July 9, 2000; rev., October 5, 2003
Raymond Perry Jr, PhD, Manager
Portal for Student and Professional Counselors (PSPC)


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Raymond Perry Jr, PhD, LPC, Site Manager

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