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Scripts for Web Sites

Learning About JavaScript
JavaScript Code (for Web Sites)
Java Applets
Multiple Script Types
Active Server Pages (.asp)

Learning About JavaScript

JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer (Webteacher Software, LLC, Irvine, CA)
Often, Web site developers include JavaScript code to add dynamic features (e.g., scrolling text, special effects text, graphic movement, date-and-time, etc.) and interactive activities (e.g., calculators, password forms, polls, etc.). This JavaScript tutorial includes text, graphics, and interactive demonstrations within its HTML-based files. (An alternative is to download this tutorial as a .zip file). 

Learning JavaScript (, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Public access with commercial options. Access the subsections for an eight chapter text and graphics tutorials for JavaScript. This tutorial includes information for JavaScript code writing (and editing)--basic and advanced. (, San Diego, CA)
Ad-supported. Search or use the directories to find no cost, copyrighted JavaScript code for: alerts, buttons, calendars, clocks, cookies, counters, forms, games, navigation, page information, passwords, text effects, user information, utilities, window management, and more. A link to JavaScript tutorials is provided on the upper left frame.

JavaScript Code (for Web Sites)

JavaFile.Com (
Pop-up ads. Free JavaScript, Java applets, and DHTML for many options (e.g., alerts, backgrounds, buttons, image and text effects, ticker tape, and more).

JavaScript City--Free JavaScripts (The Web Design Resource)
These no cost JavaScript codes represent many functions and dynamic activities, such as: alerts, prompts, browser detection, calculators, clocks, color charts, e-mail scripts, image scripts, mouseovers, navigation, password, scrollers, audio, window control, and others.

The JavaScript Source (Jupitermedia Corporation)
The "contents" directory includes the areas for over 2,000 no cost JavaScript code (and some DHTML scripts). A sample of the content areas include: clocks, forms, games, calendars, generators, navigation, page details, scrolls, and buttons. Links are also provided to JavaScript tutorials and books. (
Ad-supported. The categories for no cost JavaScript code include: forms, sniffers, images, frames, links clocks, window management (and pop-ups), browser effects, and miscellaneous.
Ad-supported--no cost scripts. Access is provided to JavaScript tutorials and the source code for scripts from multiple categories--arranged from alerts and animation to user information and window control. (Generally, a demo of scripts is not provided.) 

Java Applets Applets (Freewarejava)
This directory includes freeware and commercial Java applets, and links to sites that include DHTML and JavaScript for dynamic and interactive Web site components.

Multiple Script Types (Jupitermedia Corporation)
A folder directory system allows a visitor to identify no cost (and commercial) ASP, Flash, Java, JavaScript, Perl-[CGI], Visual Basic, and other scripts used for the content management of Web sites. (iNET Directories, LLC)
Ad-supported--scripts include freeware, donation requests, and commercialware. A portal with links to thousands of scripts (e.g., JavaScript, .ASP, Perl, CGI, PHP, etc.). In addition, links are provided to tutorials, tips, articles, and books. (Generally, the source Web site does not provide a demo of its scripts.) 

CGI Script Archive (

Note: This CGI (Common Gateway Interface) directory is included to represent, albeit minor, the use of this scripting format for developing and managing Web sites. CGI, usually written in Perl, is integration into the Web server's environment (and within a cgi-bin folder). Obviously, this integration presents potential problems for commercial Web hosting services, including some school and university systems that provide selective hosting services. includes over a dozen no cost CGI scripts that can be used to enhance and manage Web sites. Links are provided to tutorial and information files related to CGI. 

CGI for the Total Non-Programmer (Webteacher Software, LLC, Irvine, CA)
Public access, and commercial options (Dynamic Drive)
These no cost DHTML (Dynamic HTML) scripts can be used for personal or commercial Web sites; however, the copyright notice within each script must be maintained. DHTML scripts are available for: scrollers, document effects, menus, navigation, slideshows, mouse effects, links, buttons, clocks, dates, text animation, browser window, games, system preferences, and other functions. Note: DHTML scripts tend to be browser-specific, and a lesser number will work with multiple versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. 

MSA (Matt's Script Archive, Inc.)
Web site designers and programmers will find download options for Perl CGI scripts, C++, HTML script template applications, and links to other script archives.

Active Server Pages (.asp)

ASP [Active Server Pages] Tutorial (W3Schools, Refsnes Data, Norway)
This multi-file tutorial has a text-and-graphics format, and it includes quizzes and many examples of .asp code. A guide provides the instructions for installing the IIS (Internet Information Services) or PWS (Personal Web Server) components within your PC. Note: The appropriate server (PWS for Windows 98, Me, NT, or IIS for Windows 2000 and XP) must be installed in order to create, edit, and manage ASP scripts.

Active Server Pages Tutorial (Microsoft Development Network)
The concept and process for creating scripts for .asp files are outlined through an introduction and two tutorials. Step-by-step, scripts are created to provide a Web site option (e.g., guest book), or perform an action (e.g., image rotation, link redirection, display alternative banners or text, etc.)

Code Downloads from Wrox Press (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
Web site developers who purchase book, Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0, Sussman, et al. 1999 (or other script-related books), can download the related code from this file within the Wrox Web site. Note: Copyright and other conditions apply to editing or using the code for .asp and other scripts.

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