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Information Technology (IT) Resources

IT Language
File Extensions
Emoticons (keyboard symbols and icons)
Acronyms and Abbreviations
The Internet (and World Wide Web)
Research, Current Events, and Trends
Applications, Utilities, and Clients

IT Language

How do you pronounce IT? (, TechTarget, Inc., Needham, MA)
A pronunciation guide for common information technology terms

TechEncyclopedia (The Computer Language Company)
A comprehensive database of IT (Information Technology) terms--over 20,000 is claimed by this site. An explanation for complex technologies tend to include an accompanying graphic or schematic drawing. (TechTarget, Inc., Needham, MA)
Pop-up ads. Over 4,000 encyclopedic definition and topics are accessible through an alphabetical list or a search engine.

NetLingo (NetLingo Inc.)
Find a description of terms related to the Internet and World Wide Web through NetLingo's alphabetical list or its search-by-category option.

Glossary of Terms--Self Help Tools (Road Runner High Speed Online)
Use the repeated alphabetical index of definitions to acquire additional or alternate definitions for information technology terms.

FOLDOC--Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing (Denis Howe)
This UK-based database includes approximately 14,000 terms--it is relevant for "older" terms that might not be included within other dictionaries.

File Extensions

PSPC Document: File Types (or File Extensions)-->

Data Formats and Their File Extensions (Webopedia, Jupitermedia Corporation)
Pop-up ads--an alphabetical index of file extensions

File Types (Computer User: High-Tech Dictionary)
An alphabetical list of file types

FileEx--The File Extension Source (Computer Knowledge)
Public access. Use the search field or alphabetical list to obtain the description of a file extension.

"Every File Format in the World" (, TechTarget, Inc., Needham, MA)
An alphabetical index of file extensions or formats

File Extensions Dictionary (Electronic Data Resources Service, McGill University Libraries)
Public access. An alphabetical index, and files by type (e.g., media, software, image, etc.)

Emoticons (keyboard symbols and icons)

PSPC Document: Informal Communication-->

Emoticons--Computer User High Tech Dictionary (, Inc., Minneapolis, MN)

Emoticons--keyboard, and icon format for MSN Messenger (Microsoft Corp.)

Smileys and Emoticons (NetLingo, Inc.)

emoticon (, TechTarget, Inc., Needham, MA)

The Unofficial Smilie Dictionary (Ken Marsh)

Emoticons (, Per Christensson)

Acronyms and Abbreviations

PSPC Document: Informal Communication-->

E-mail and Online Chat Acronyms (, Per Christensson)

Welcome to the World of Acronyms (, Rolla, MO)

chat abbreviations (, TechTarget, Inc., Needham, MA)

Chat Acronyms (Pin Oak Web Designs, Inc., Springfield, MO)

Acronyms (, Patsula Media)

Acronyms--a UK Perspective (Aardvark, Ltd.)

Chat Acronyms--an Australian Perspective (KeyPoint Pty., Ltd.)

The Internet (and World Wide Web)

The Complete Internet Guide and Web Tutorial (Microsoft Corp.)
Public access. This tutorial can be reviewed in the recommend sequence, or users can select discrete "chapters" (e.g., Internet Explorer, E-mail and Attachments, Newsgroups, Multimedia, and over a dozen more) to review. This tutorial is written for relatively inexperienced Internet-Web users; however, some content areas might be useful for those seeking a mastery-type knowledge base.

Hobbes' Internet Timeline (Robert H. Zakon)
A referenced and revised chronology of the developments, names, and dates associated with creating and advancing the Internet and World Wide Web. This detailed timeline (or history) includes up-to-date information about Internet access and usage, and contemporary developments and issues.

A Brief History of the Internet--ISOC (Internet Society, Reston, VA)
This document identifies the research- and development-specific technologies that created the Internet, a worldwide system for communication and data sharing. The authors are: Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf, David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Daniel C. Lynch, Jon Postel,, Larry G. Roberts, and Stephen Wolff.  

Research, Current Events, and Trends

ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology
As one of 16 clearinghouses in the ERIC system, ERIC/IT specializes in selecting, acquiring, cataloging, indexing, and abstracting documents and journal articles related to library and information science, and educational technology.

InfoWorld (InfoWorld Media Group, San Francisco, CA)
Public access. Read daily news articles, opinions, and interviews. Link to many directories (or channels) for topics ranging from applications to wireless options for computers and handheld devices. Other services include live forums, product reviews, and InfoWorld Free Newsletters.

PC Magazine (Ziff Davis Media, Inc., New York, NY)
Public access. Beyond the ads that greet visitors, the navigation bar includes links to a wealth of Information Technology resources (i.e., News, Reviews, Opinions, Solutions, Downloads, and Discussions). (PC World Communications, International Data Group)
Pop-up ads. Access is provided to the major directories within PCWorld (i.e., news, reviews, how-to, downloads, tools, product finder, and magazine).

Technology (The New York Times)
Pop-up ads. Registrants for the Today Headlines e-mail delivery can include the technology section and exclude others (e.g., sports, editorials, national, international, business, etc.) (The Washington Post Company)
Pop-up ads. This news service includes specialty and personal technology directories--registrants can receive a daily technology e-letter and editorials.  

Computerworld (Computerworld, Inc.)
Computer technology articles and related editorials are complemented by the option to select from a list of 25 daily and weekly e-mail newsletters.

Wired News--Technology (Lycos, Inc., Waltham, MA)
Visitors can access technology-related articles, and articles within other directories (e.g., business, Wired Magazine, politics, etc.).

Applications, Utilities, and Clients (CNET Networks, Inc., San Francisco, CA)
Identify and download commercialware, shareware, and freeware related to: Desktop Enhancements; Home and Education; Audio and Video; Internet; Business; Games; Web Developer; Design Tools; Mobile; Software Developer; Utilities and Drivers; and Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT).

Today on Downloads (, CNET Networks, Inc., San Francisco, CA)
Find and download commercialware, shareware, and freeware from within a directory structure similar to (noted above). The directories for ZDNet Downloads are: Desktop Enhancements; Audio and Video; Internet; Business; Web Developer; Design Tools; Mobile; Software Developer; Drivers; Utilities; Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT); and White Papers.

Tucows (Tucows Inc.)
An extensive repository of demoware, freeware, shareware, and commercialware for desktop and portable computers, and Personal Digital Assistants [PDAs]). A software store is available. (WebAttack Inc., Marathon, FL)
Ad-supported. A premium or commercial version of WebAttack is available. Access basic information about many trialware and freeware titles within such categories as: multimedia, communication, system utilities, Web authoring, security, etc. Links are provided to software tools for browsers, graphics, databases, servers, search, and others.

My Favorite Freeware (James A. Eshelman, Windows Support Center)
See also: Other Freeware Recommendations, which is a  list of freeware options that have not been evaluated by the owner of Windows Support Center.

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