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Learning HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML Tags (or Code)
Beyond Basic HTML

HTML Tags (or Code)

A Beginner's Guide to HTML-.pdf version (National Center for Supercomputing Application [NCSA], University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign [UIUC])
Public access. An early and essential guide related to the format of HTML tags. (The HTML version of this guide can be accessed and printed.) Note: For online reference, the HTML full-length version (parts 1, 2, and 3) appear to be most useful. The .pdf version provides a concise 24-page document, which is easier to print.

HTML for beginners--Updated, June 2000 (Fred Dekker and Donald St. John; Builders.com--CNET Networks, Inc.)
A multi-section guide with fundamental HTML principles and practices--the focus is on manual coding instead of using a Web editor.

HTML Basics (Karla Embleton, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Iowa State University)
This tutorial was published in 2000, and it includes the fundamental of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)--the type, structure, and function of common HTML tags. Practice exercises are provided as an adjunct to this tutorial. 

HTML Code Tutorial (Idocs, Inc.)
A multi-section tutorial, which addresses topics for beginning (anchors, links, tables, paragraphs, lists, images, etc.) and intermediate (forms, frames, applets, scripts, CSS, etc.) HTML coders. 

Authoring--HTML Basics (Webmonkey--The Web Developer's Resource, Lycos, Inc.)
The authoring folder includes files for basic HTML and links to other Web site components (e.g., tables, frames, stylesheets, DHTML, XML, etc.).

The Berkeley Digital Library SunSite provides public access to the following information about HTML tags: 

Beyond Basic HTML

University Technology Services, University of Denver (UD)--the public can access the following instructional modules:

webTeacher (Tech Corps)
These webTeacher tutorials (i.e., Web Basics, Communicating, Multimedia, Home Page Construction, Peripherals and Utilities, and the Web in Your Classroom) were designed for K-12 teachers and students. Notwithstanding, these tutorials can provide useful information for others. 

Web Developer's Virtual Library-HTML (Jupitermedia Corporation)
A sample of the major directories include: top articles, tutorials, discussion forums; and an extensive list of directories for Web site design and management (e.g., HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, Java, CGI, multimedia, and many more).

So, you want to make a Web Page! (Joe Barta, PageTutor.com)
Noncommercial and commercial. No cost access is provided to the introductory tutorials for Tables, Forms, and Frames--refer the Site Map General Table of Contents for additional noncommercial and commercial access.

HTML Primer (DevStart.com)
Ad-supported. Several modules focus on the primary HTML-based components of Web sites (e.g., HTML tags, tables, links, lists, etc.). Links are provided to directories for JavaScript, Meta Tags, and advanced topics (i.e., forms and frames).

HTML Goodies--The Basics (Joe Burns; Jupitermedia Corporation)
HTML Goodies for HTML is a seven-part primer--the fundamental components of Web sites (e.g., tags, text, links, and images) are discussed.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML 4.0-English, HTML Format (Kevin Werbach)
This tutorial explains HTML tags for: Basic Elements; Defining the Structure; Formatting; Positioning (text and graphics); Forms, Tables, and other areas that may be included in the constriction of a Web site. (Refer to the main site for Foreign language translations of this tutorial and other English language options.)

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners (Dave Kristula, Davesite.com)
Ad-supported. Access 18 minichapters within the standard and advanced tutorial. Links are provided to documents related to purchasing a domain name, Web hosting providers,  and how to promote and generate revenue from a Web site.

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