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HTML--Design and Management

Design Principles
Color Palette
Image Capture and Editing
Image Creation and Management
Graphics Resources
Animated Graphics
Analysis of HTML Files
Weblogs (and similar options)

Design Principles

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition (Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton, Yale University)
Public access. The public has access to the HTML version of the book, Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites, Second Edition (2001). Links are provided to files that are associated with the content sections of each chapter (i.e., Front Matter; Process; Interface Design; Site Design; Page Design; Typography; Editorial Style; Graphics, Multimedia, and Back Matter). 

Technology Tutorials (Link-to-Learn Professional Development--Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Link-to-Learn, Pennsylvania Department of Education, provides several tutorials related to the creation and use of technology for teaching and learning. The following resources are recommended:

Webmaster Resource Center (Bravenet Web Services, Inc., Parksville, BC, Canada
Public access--ad-supported. Access articles, tutorials, reference documents, scripts, tools (e.g., information window generator), clip art, and much more.

Color Palette

Non-Dithering Colors (Lynda Weinman [formatted by Joe Burns]; Jupitermedia Corp., Darien, CT)

Browser-Safe Colors by Hue--RGB numbers are included (FrontPages Web Hosting Network, St. Louis, MO)

Browser-Safe Colors by Value--RGB numbers are included (FrontPages Web Hosting Network, St. Louis, MO)

HTML color names and HEX values (Refsnes Data, Norway)
Colors supported by newer versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape

Table with Hexadecimal Colors (Angela's Place, Germany)

Reference-Color Codes (WebMonkey; Lycos, Inc., Waltham, MA)

Image Capture and Editing

SnagIt (screen capture--edit and organize) TechSmith Corporation, Okemos, MI)
Windows 9x, NT, Me, 2000, and XP
Commercial. SnagIt includes multiple screen capture options, and SnagIt Studio allows users to edit images from a list of over 20 file formats, including those commonly used by Web site developers (e.g., .gif, .bmp, .jpg, and .psd). The November 2003 version of SnagIt includes an add-in feature for Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe FrameMaker.

ScreenPrint32 (Provtech Limited, United Kingdom)
No cost for home use, nonprofit or charitable organizations, and K-12 and postsecondary education (a registration is required)--commercial options are available; Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP

  • capture a desktop screen, active window, predefined area, or user-selected area to the [Windows] clipboard
  • paste a captured image into an application (e.g., Microsoft Word or graphics program)
  • save captures in .gif, .jpg, .bmp, and .png formats
  • image annotation options (e.g., headers, footers, time stamps, etc.)
  • change the size of images, or convert them to grayscale or negative image
  • uninstall option

FrontLook Screen Capture (DPA Software, Waukesha, WI)
Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP
Commercial--a 15-day trialware option. A screen capture utility for an active window or a screen area. Captured images can be saved, encrypted, zoomed, printed, or transferred through electronic mail. (Note: FrontLook Screen Capture is optimized for FrontPage users; however, the FrontPage application does not need to be installed.)

Additional [commercial] Screen Capture and Editing Utilities 

  • Capture Express (Insight Software Solutions, Inc., Kaysville, UT)
    Windows 9x, NT4, Me, 2000, and XP
  • CaptureEze Pro (Application Techniques, Inc., Pepperell, MA)
    Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, and NT4

Image Creation and Management

NetStudio Easy Web Graphics (Net Studio Corp., Mountain View, CA)
Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, and XP
Commercial. NetStudio is an application for Web site developers who need a range of graphic design options. Users can create common Web site components (e.g., buttons, banners, navigation menus, backgrounds, etc.) and advanced features such as customized sites and templates. 

The following are available to create Web site graphics: 

  • Microsoft Word--Drawing: Main Menu>View>Toolbars>Drawing
  • PowerPoint--Drawing: Main Menu>View>Toolbars>Drawing
  • Microsoft [Operating System) Drawing Program: Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint

Easy Thumbnails (Fookes Software, Geneva, Switzerland)
Freeware--no nags, ads, or spyware; Windows 9x, NT, Me, 2000, and XP; software file format, .exe or .zip
Easy Thumbnails has reduction algorithms that accurately scale images from a number of files types, for example: .jpg, .png, .tif, .tga, .emf, .ico, .wmf, .bmp, and others. Thumbnail functions include: file selector, slider controls, rotate options, quality controls, group processing, and image viewer. Users can quickly render images for Web sites, presentations, and other viewing options.
Note: Patent restrictions prohibit the formatting of .gif files and some .tif files without a fee paid to Unisys--check the Web site for patent expiration dates by countries.

Refer to Image Editing (, CNET Networks, Inc.) for a current list of utilities related screen capture, graphics, photo editing, thumbnails, and other image-related tools. 

QuickTime (Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA)
Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP; Macintosh 8.6 or later

The no cost version of QuickTime includes periodic reminders that an upgrade to QuickTime Pro is available. For Web site developers, QuickTime for PCs includes Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, which allows you to: 1) view and enlarge pictures or graphics; and 2) identify graphic properties (e.g., width and height in pixels, and resolution in dots-per-inch [dpi]) through a right-click on the Viewer window).

Graphics Resources

Clip Art and Media (Microsoft Office Online)
Criteria: a) Microsoft Office System 2003, which includes Clip Organizer; b) Clip Organizer, which is included with the 2002 versions of Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Access, and Excel); or c) Clip Gallery, which is included with the 2000 versions of Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Access, Excel, Microsoft Works, and Microsoft Office 2001 for Macintosh.

Files from a collection of over 135,000 clip art images, sound, photos, and animation can be used for personal and professional Web sites, and Office documents. Use the directory structure or search system to find appropriate graphics or multimedia.

Note 1. An ActiveX control module is used to copy and paste, or download files to the Microsoft Clip Gallery or Clip Organizer. The temporary or permanent installation of an ActiveX control requires administrative right associated with Windows XP (or similarly configured PCs).

Note 2. A separate EULA (End-User License Agreement) applies to  the transfer and use of files within the directory, Clip Art and Media, Microsoft Office Online.

Free Clipart (Bravenet Web Services, Inc., Parksville, BC, Canada)
Ad-supported--public domain clipart. Use the directory structure or query the database to find clipart related to the following: alphabets, backgrounds, banner parts, banners, bullets, buttons, dividers, flags, icons, maps, sidebars, signs and symbols, textures, and Web elements.

Realm Graphics (Ender Design, Inc.)
Public access. The Archive Topics section includes free graphics for: advertising banners, backgrounds, bullets, buttons, icons, lines, and design sets. This site includes graphics that can be used within business and personal Web sites.

Google Images [search] (Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA)
Typically, the Google Images search system returns multiple images for each query. Most images have an associated copyright, therefore, they cannot be used without an authorization from the author or copyright holder. Note: Images identified through this search system can serve as a guide for creating graphics through a standalone graphics program (e.g., Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop) or the drawing modules within Word and PowerPoint. 

fOUR bEES--Free Web Graphics (Larry J. Rivera, Covera)
Public access. Review and save graphics within clearly identified directories (i.e., background and borders, bars and bullets, button, and banners). Note: Most graphics are in .gif format, which is suitable for most Web sites (although some Web sites use .jpg or .bmp graphics).

Barry's Clip Art Server (ArtToday, Inc., Tucson, AZ)
Ad-supported. A portal with multiple directories for free clipart, including animated graphics. Use the search option to quickly identify clipart images. Links are provided to internal directories and other sites with clipart, templates, animations, and software. (ArtToday, Inc., Tucson, AZ)
Ad-supported. A "clearinghouse" or database with links to approximately 200 clipart sites with free and commercial options. Note: Some sites linked from within this clearinghouse have aggressive pop-up ads--alternate sites are available if these ads interfere with your research. 

Animated Graphics

Note: Contemporary professional Web sites developers tend to eschew the use of animated graphics (except for sites with ads or marketing information). Nevertheless, traditional animated graphics remain as a design element within some personal Web sites. (ArtToday, Inc., Tucson, AZ)
Commercial--monthly, semi-annual, or annual membership options. Use a flash editor (e.g., KoolMoves or Linx Flash Editor) to customize .fla (source or project) files that can be downloaded from an extensive collection. A Flash editor or the original application (i.e., Macromedia Flash MX) can reformat .fla files into .swf (small Web format) files for Web site "movies." Web site visitors must have an up-to-date Macromedia Flash Player (or browser add-in) installed to experience these .swf files. Many animations at can be included within PowerPoint or Dreamweaver (without using an editing application). 

Dorrets Animation--Animated GIF Archive (Harry and Dorret Goodwin)
Use the alphabetical lists within several directories (e.g., animals; directions, words, computer equipment; earth, moon, sun, weather; holidays; people and body parts; transportation; and miscellaneous) to evaluate over 3,000 royalty-free, but copyrighted animated GIFs for non-commercial use.  (If you can imagine it, you’re likely to find it at this site.)

GOgraph (Visicom Media, Inc., Brossard, Quebec, Canada)
An ad-supported Web site with international graphics that can be used for business and personal Web sites. Use the directory structure or search engine to find static and animated graphics for non-commercial use within Web sites, reports, or multimedia projects. Graphics with no author are royalty-free or in the public domain; therefore, they can be used for commercial projects. For additional information regarding the use of authored graphics for commercial projects, refer to the Usage Policy.

Animated GIFs for Free (, Jupitermedia Corporation)
An alphabetical directory system is used to organize animated GIFs by subject. These GIFs are free for non-commercial use. (ArtToday, Inc., Tucson, AZ)
Ad-supported. A well-organized directory provides access to a variety of free animated clip art. 

Analysis of HTML Files

W3C MarkUp Validation Service
This validation service allows you to have specific files (URLs) evaluated, and you may upload HTML file from your computer for evaluation. See also:

Dr. Watson (Addy & Associates)
A free service that may be use to analyze various HTML functions (e.g., syntax, link verification, spelling, etc.) for each URL within your Web site. A detailed report is generated. Note: This service (i.e., Dr. Watson) is not associated with the utility within the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Check Your Site (Craig Cecil, Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin)
Public access--some identified services have commercial options. A site with multiple HTML validation, and link and spell checkers (e.g., W3C's HTML/XHTML and CSS Validators, and NetMechanic). Link directly to the original provider or paste your URL into the service-related field within this directory.

Link Checker (, Online Fulfillment Corp., Roseville, CA)
Public access. Type or copy-and-paste a URL into the online form and determine if a file on a Web server has malfunctioning [hyper]links. 

Web Page Validation (W3Schools, Refsnes Data, Norway)
This validation service includes an evaluation for HTML, XHTML, XML, and WML files.

Weblogs (and similar options)

Note. Weblogs (or "blogs") have transcended from a medium for personal "diaries" into the domain of professionals who share and exchange information. In 2003, Weblogs have become a common communication medium for leaders in business, information technology, education, and individuals involved in public advocacy. Therefore, Weblogs provide student and professional counselors with an alternative or adjunct to managing content-related Web sites.

Radio UserLand (UserLand Software, Inc., Acton, MA)
Commercial--desktop application and a server account

UserLand can be used within an intranet or to create a presence within the public Internet infrastructure. Userland is an application, which provides relief from creating content using HTML, and updating via an FTP client. Its optional templates and automated features allow users to publish text, links, photos, and documents with a minimum of time and effort. Radio Userland also supports RSS (Really Simple Syndication). (Pyra Labs--Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA)
No cost-- registration required--Weblog includes a link to provides a Web-based and hosted solution for creating and managing a Weblog. (Your Weblog can be integrated into your personal or professional Web site, if certain features are available from your Web hosting provider.) Users create or select a formatted template for publishing their Weblog. Note: Service options and features at are expected to change based on its acquisition by Google, Inc., which was announced in February 2003.

TypePad-[Personal] Weblog Service (Six Apart, Ltd., San Mateo, CA)
Commercial. The company best known for Movable Type, a server-installed application for online publishing, launched TypePad in 2003. TypePad account holders can post information and opinions, and link to other Weblogs, Web sites, and commercial products or services. (Some knowledge of HTML is helpful--post through a Web browser (Basic account)--additional post options for Plus and Pro accounts include e-mail and selected mobile services.)

TypePad features include:

  • A no cost 30-day trial (a credit card or online payment system is required)

  • Hosted plans: Basic (1 account), Plus (up to 3 accounts), and Pro (unlimited number of accounts)

  • TypePad features are different for each of the three accounts--a Basic account has fewer features, which include:

  • Support Weblog post can include title, arrangement by categories (including dates or months), formatting options, ban IP addresses, and more

  • Archive individual posts (by date or a monthly calendar with date links)

  • Template management include an optimum number of customization and management options

  • Typelists include link options related to your favorite books, songs, Web sites, Weblogs, people (blogroll) and FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) lookup

  • (Photo Albums are included as part of TypePad Plus and Pro, but not a Basic account)

  • Site management allows subscribers to create an about file, post the author's photo, create a list of links, and password protect your site

  • System features include multilingual support, statistics (including visitor information), update monitor, and other options

  • Technical features include CSS-based layout, XML syndication, secure login to your account, and advanced technical options

  • The annual fee structure for a Basic TypePad account is approximately $50 USD (as of February 4, 2004)--this account has up to 50 Megabytes of disk space, and a maximum monthly transfer of 1 Gigabyte of data

Components of a Typical Blog Page and a links to a review of eight Weblog options (PC Magazine, December 30, 2003) 

CityDesk (Fog Creek Software, New York, NY)
Windows 98se, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP; Internet Explorer, 5.5 or later preferred
Freeware, Starter Edition--50-file limit; commercial, Professional and Contributor Editions

The CityDesk application is a template-based solution for creating and managing a Web site. It also includes a Web editor, and an FTP engine for uploading your files to a Web server account. If "uniqueness" is not a high priority, and customers need mostly text on their Web site, this template-based application might offer a solution. CityDesk has templates that support the creation and management of a personal or professional Weblog, company lists (e.g., positions, training modules, etc.), electronic newsletters, and daily updates to documents posted on the Web. This application also is appropriate for information-based Web sites that include regular updates.

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