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FrontPage 2003

FrontPage 2003 (Microsoft Office Online)
This directory includes links to product information, assistance articles, and options for customizing FrontPage 2003 Web sites.

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 (Computing & Networking Services [CNS], University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)
Public access. Users can access text and graphic tutorials that address specific FrontPage 2003 topics. Most topics and tutorials are appropriate for beginning and intermediate users of FrontPage 2003.

The [Computing & Networking Services] CNS Online Help Documentation includes tutorials for Windows XP and 2000, and other Microsoft Office XP and 2003 applications (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook).

FrontPage 2002

Insider Learning Center or Library (Microsoft Corp.)
Public access (or commercial options)--requires the free Macromedia Shockwave Player. These no-cost tutorials include FrontPage 2002, Viso 2002, and Windows XP. Users can access one or all of the multipart sections of the FrontPage, Viso, or Windows tutorial.

FrontPage 2002 Documentation (Technology Support, Information Technology Division, Texas Tech University)
Public access. FrontPage 2002 documentation includes multiple text and graphics files that explain how to create and manage a FrontPage-based Web site. (Use the frames-based navigation structure, or switch to a plain text format, which is includes a more precise navigation structure.)

FrontPage 2002: Transferring Course Materials to the Web (Microsoft Education, Instructional Resources)
This teacher-focused tutorial includes a Word file, a PowerPoint presentation, and an Executive file, which is a template for creating a course-related Web site.

Support WebCast: Publishing with Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (Microsoft Product Support Services)
January 24, 2002 broadcast--1 hour 56 minutes--Microsoft Windows Media Player
Supplements to this WebCast include: 1) a PowerPoint presentation; 2) a transcript in .htm format; and 3) links to documents--one document is related to FrontPage 2000.

FrontPage 2002: Creating a Web Site to Gather Data and Conduct Research (Microsoft Education, Instructional Resources)
This tutorial includes a Word (or site-based .htm file), and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. The contents provide information for creating customized forms, interfacing form data with a database, validating user responses to survey items, and creating a SharePoint Team Services Web site.

FrontPage Tutorials-Resources (, Domain Administrator, Indianapolis, IN)
Public access. Brief tutorials (.pdf or PDF files) for FrontPage 2000, 2002, and 2003 provide Web site developers with functional add-ins and enhancement options for FrontPage Web sites. FLASH tutorials that require FLASH MX or FLASH MX 2004 are available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced [FLASH] users. Commercial services (e.g., FrontPage Templates) are available from

FrontPage Help Tutorials (OutFront, Thomas Brunt; St. Matthews, SC)
Public access--ad-supported. Select from informative tutorial directories such as: Getting Started; FrontPage FAQ; FrontPage Techniques; and Spooky's Databases, which is a tutorial devoted to integrating databases into FrontPage.

FrontPage 2000

FrontPage 2000 Tutorials--Beginner and Advanced (Technology Skills Orientation, Florida Gulf Coast University)
Public access. Two text and graphics tutorials--one for beginners, and the other includes advanced techniques (e.g., shared borders, navigation bars, themes, forms, components, etc.) for developing Web sites with FrontPage 2000.

FrontPage Tutorials (Fayetteville State University-NC)
Public access. FLASH-formatted FrontPage tutorials address topics related to modifying and customizing various components of your Web site. (A good primer for beginning FrontPage users or intermediate users with a need for alternative explanatory information.)

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial (Microsoft Office Download Center)
An add-in tutorial with topics related hyperlinks, graphics, forms, and navigation bars. (No uninstall is available; however, the list of FrontPage 2000 Tutor files can be deleted.)

Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles on Microsoft FrontPage (Technical Support Information on FrontPage 2000)
A comprehensive list of topics and associated how-to documents for creating and managing Web sites with FrontPage. A link is provide to the search option for all Microsoft products, including FrontPage. 

Fixing Broken Hyperlinks in FrontPage 2000-Based Webs (Microsoft Office Online--Assistance--Office 2000)
A useful Web site management feature of FrontPage is the option to identify URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that are outdated or malformed.

Setting the Name of a Home Page in FrontPage 2000 (Microsoft Office Online--Assistance--Office 2000)
This article explains how Web site developers can use file names other than default.htm for their root or main file. Note: FrontPage sites hosted on a FrontPage Personal Web server must have index.htm (or .html) as the root file name.

FrontPage 2000 (Microsoft Education, Instructional Resources)
A tutorial for teachers who want to create and manage an education-related Web site. Download a Word file for one or all six modules within this tutorial--from getting started to publishing your FrontPage web. 

FrontPage 2000 Tutorial (Microsoft Corp.)
Windows 9x, NT, and 2000
This tutorial demonstrates how to design, edit, and publish Web sites. Common components of a Web site are included (e.g., importing graphics, creating [hyper]links, navigation bar, Web forms, etc.). (No uninstall is available; however, the FrontPage 2002 tutorial folder and can be deleted.)

Learning FrontPage 2000 (, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Public access with commercial options. Use the links provided for 16 chapters (and subchapter topics) to review this text and graphics tutorials. Both basic (HTML structure, layout, text and graphics, tables, lists, etc.) and advanced (ActiveX controls, VBScript, JavaScript, Java applets, Cascading Style Sheets, etc.) topics are included within this tutorial. 

Using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (Kate Akers, Outreach and Extension, University of Missouri)
Public access. A multi-part, text and graphics tutorial, which was created for employees of University of Missouri Outreach and Extension. However, the general public is permitted to access this tutorial with the understanding that ancillary or support services are not provided. 

FrontPage 2000 Support Center (Microsoft Corp.)
The major links within this site include: top issues, instructions, downloads, knowledge base (and how-to) articles, updates, and access to newsgroups.

FrontPage 2000--Tutorial (ACT360 Media Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada [for Microsoft Corp.])
Public access. This text and graphics tutorial includes typical and advance topics for creating and publishing a Web site. Although it is designed for K-12 teachers and students, other can find useful information. 

FrontPage in the Classroom (ACT360 Media Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada [for the Microsoft Corp.])
Public access. This FrontPage 98 text and graphics tutorial is designed for K-12 students and teachers; however, it explores beginning and advanced topics that apply to creating and publishing a Web site using FrontPage 2000.

FrontPage: Chris's FrontPage Info Web (
Links are provided to explanatory articles under the headings: General Information, Tutorials and Tips, and Problem Solving. The following tutorials also are relevant:

Forms Tutorial #1: An E-mail Form (Chris's FrontPage Info Web)
Forms Tutorial #2: A Guest Book (Chris's FrontPage Info Web)

FrontPage World Tips and Tricks (, Inc.)
Links are provided to approximately one dozen text-based tips and how-to articles for FrontPage (mostly, FrontPage 2000 and later), and they address such topics as: themes, graphics, scripts, folder management, navigation bars, hosting services, etc.

Free online help for Microsoft FrontPage Users (SiteCrafters Internet Services, Kalispell, MT)
Public access. Several directories provide options and solutions for FrontPage users. The help directories for topics include tutorial information, scripts (mostly, JavaScript), links to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, and links to other sites.

FrontPage 2000--Tutorial for Adding JavaScript Code (Jupitermedia Corporation)
User interactive JavaScript has a two-part code, and the designated components must be placed within the <head></head>, and the <body></body> tags of an HTML-based file. This brief tutorial is specific to the Web site, JavaScript Source; however, the code placement procedure is applicable for all user interactive JavaScript code. 

FrontPage 2000 and 2002

FrontPage 2002 (Microsoft Office Online--Assistance--Office XP)
This directory includes an array of basic to advanced assistance articles for FrontPage 2002 (and some for FrontPage 2000). 

Features Requiring FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions (Microsoft Office Online--Assistance--Office XP)
Web site developers have an option to post FrontPage webs within servers that do not include FrontPage extensions. However, these server environments limit the use of FrontPage features. This article identifies the features within both FrontPage 2000 and 2002 that require FrontPage extensions.

AccessFP (Tina Clarke, UK)
Ad-supported, donations accepted. Content areas within this Web site include Tips, Tutorials, How-to instructions, FAQs, and Help for FrontPage Express through 2002. Links are provided to commercial and non-commercial FrontPage resources. 

FrontPage Add-Ins

FrontPage 2002 Add-in: Tutorial (Microsoft Corp.)
Windows 98, NT, Me, and 2000
This add-in tutorial includes topics related hyperlinks, graphics, forms, and navigation bars. (No uninstall is available; however, the FrontPage 2002 tutorial folder and can be deleted.)

Alternative #1 to a download and install, .pdf file: Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Tutorial, Microsoft Corporation--Web Policy and Resources, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Alternative #2 to download and install, .htm file: Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Tutorial, Microsoft Corporation--Online Learning Support Center, Mt. San Antonio College

J-Bots Plus 2002 (Webs Unlimited, Inc., Crescent, IA)
Commercial. J-Bots is a suite of add-ins for FrontPage 2000, 2002, and 2003. A J-Bots toolbar is added to your FrontPage Web editor, and it includes over 80 JavaScript-based features (e.g., navigation menus, add-ons to forms, image effects, drop-down state or country menu, digital clock, etc.). Web site developers provide the necessary information for selected features by completing fields within a dialogue window; therefore, expertise in writing JavaScript code is not necessary. 

Jimco Add-ins (Jimco Add-ins, Keller, TX)
No cost, donations are accepted. Refer to the Add-ins and Utilities directories to review and download products for FrontPage 2000 and 2002. These add-ins can provide more convenience when developing Web sites within FrontPage.

FrontPage Templates (and Themes)

Templates: multi-file layout for root and supporting files
Themes: unified design components for a Web site

Note: FrontPage themes are included with FrontPage 2000 and 2002, and typically, design specialists create FrontPage-compatible templates.

Round The Bend (RTB) Wizards (Karey Cummins, Katy, TX)
Commercial. Approximately 250 templates (including themes and Cascading Style Sheets) are represented within multiple categories (e.g., all-purpose, contractors, education, health, people, technology, etc.). A Help Center provides tips and instructional information (e.g., navigation, applying a theme, modifying a theme, e-commerce, tables and cells, DHTML, JavaScript, and many more) related to FrontPage-based Web sites. A FAQs directory answers common questions about the use of templates to create, publish, and manage Web sites.
Several trial templates are available at no cost--a company promotional link is integrated into the accompanying style sheet.

FrontPage Templates and Themes (, DJM Web Development)
Commercial. ProThemes has over 200 templates that are all-purpose, FLASH, and for specific types of Web presence (e.g., education, law, nature, sports, etc.). Templates are simplified to optimize download speed, and the focus is on communicating with visitors (and not the design, per se). Each template includes a unique tutorial; however, a generic tutorial is available.

PixelMill (Advantrics, LLC, Davis, CA)
Commercial. PixelMill provides marketing, sales, and support services for FrontPage templates (including
flash/swish [.swf] and/or SWISH [.swi] files) and themes from approximately 40 developers. Product categories range from animals to sports--many templates and themes are available for various business and education Web sites. (PowerPoint templates are also available.)

Stock FrontPage Templates (OutFront; Thomas Brunt, St. Matthews, SC)
Commercial. A range of standard (i.e., static) and FLASH-formatted templates are available. Each template can be previewed within your Web browser.

BAC Web Design-Templates (Woburn, MA)
Commercial. BAC and its affiliates offer over 200 FrontPage templates for business, e-commerce, database driven, SWiSH introduction, and general Web sites.

No Cost FrontPage Templates and Themes

Free Evaluation Templates (Round The Bend Wizards, Katy, TX)
Several conditionally free Expression and FrontPage 2003 Web templates. Use is restricted to non-commercial Web sites, and the Terms of Use requires a credit link on each page. (A formatted view of each template is provided.)

Free Evaluation Templates (My Arts Desire/Round The Bend Wizards, Katy, TX)
Several conditionally free FrontPage 2003 Web templates. Use is restricted to non-commercial Web sites, and the Terms of Use requires a credit link on each page. (A formatted view of each template is provided.)

FrontPage Templates Resources-Free (; Domain Registrant--Packaging Graphics, St. Louis, MO)
Nine (9) FrontPage Templates are available. (A thumbnail view is provided for each template; however, a formatted view of each template is not available.)

Jake's Free FrontPage Templates (; Domain Registrant--Packaging Graphics, St. Louis, MO)
Four (4) FrontPage Templates are available. (A thumbnail view is provided for each template; however, a formatted view of each template is not available.)

FrontPage KEP Internet Themes-Free (Domain Registrant--KEP.NET, Daytona Beach, FL)
Three (3) free FrontPage Themes are available. (A thumbnail view is provided for each theme; however, a formatted view of each theme is not available.)

Economical FrontPage Web Hosting Providers (Go Daddy Software, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ)
All hosting plans include the option to add FrontPage 2000 and 2002 Extension. Each option includes a generous disk space and reasonable monthly bandwidth. E-mail accounts and e-mail forwarding options are included, along with various database options.

Freeservers (United Online, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA)
Use your purchased domain name for a commercial FrontPage Hosting plan, which starts at about $120 USD per year (September 2005). An ad-supported or "free" Web site can be created with a Freeservers subdomain name; however this option does not include a server account with FrontPage extensions. and Domains (; Parksville, BC, Canada)
Use your purchased domain name for a commercial FrontPage Hosting plan, which starts at about $96 USD per year (September 2003). An ad-supported Web site ("FREE Package") can be created with a subdomain name; however this option does not include a server account with FrontPage extensions.

Lycos Tripod (Lycos, Inc., Waltham, MA; subsidiary, Daum Communications, [South] Korea)
Tripod Free (navigation--Host> Free). Sign up or registration is required--pop-up or other adverts will appear based on the interests you declare during registration. In addition to site building tools, images, and templates, you receive 20MB of disk space, 1GB of monthly bandwidth, and the option to use Microsoft FrontPage to create and manage your Web site. Tripod offers ad-free commercial Web hosting options that start at $4.95 per month plus a setup fee [12/04].

iPowerWeb (iPowerWeb, Inc. Santa Monica, CA)
Unix-based servers. A Web hosting and e-business provider for small and medium businesses. A standard hosting package includes FrontPage [server] extensions (2000 and 2002), an several interactive and marketing options--purchasers must own their domain name. A one-year commitment to the hosting package starts at approximate $96 USD (September 2003).

Purchasing Domain Names (and Alternatives)

Note. FrontPage publication (to a Web server) requires: the use of a purchased domain name; 2) a subweb provided by an organization or commercial entity; or 3) a subdomain name. Ad-supported Web hosting providers that support FrontPage extensions allow Web site developers to publish to a subdomain name. The subweb configuration within a Web server is common for Web sites with multiple individuals or organizational units that are responsible for creating and updating specific areas (e.g., FAQ, products, services, academic units within an education site, or one site with multiple providers of slightly different goods or services). Caveat. Domain names are best purchased directly through an ICANN-approved registrar, and not through a broker or subcontractor affiliate of these registrars. 

ICANN-Accredited Registrars (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Marina del Rey, CA)
ICANN provides a list of registrars, their country, and the Top-Level Domain names they are authorized to register. (Note: Some non-accredited Web hosting companies provide a domain name registration service for their customers.) Registering a domain name through a non-ICANN-accredited Web hosting provider (or subcontractor) is a questionable business practice. Often, these businesses are listed as the administrator for the domain names they register, and not the owner. This administrative status limits the authority of a domain name owner. Such an arrangement can be problematic if the ownership of a domain name is challenged, and when owners change their Web hosting provider.

Commercial FrontPage Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting--Unix/Linux- and Windows-based servers (C I Host, Bedford, TX)

M6.Net--Windows-based servers (Network Operations Huntsville, AL) servers, with ColdFusion options (, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Hivelocity [Shared] Hosting (HiVelocity Ventures Corp., St. Petersburg, FL)
Windows- and Linux-based servers (with e-commerce options)

The List of Web Hosts--Buyer's Guide (Jupitermedia Corporation)
Use the checklist of preferences (e.g., CGI form, Telnet, FrontPage [Extensions], etc.) within the directories such as Personal Hosts and Business Hosts to identify Web hosting providers.
Use the search or directory listings to identify Web hosting companies that offer preferred services and price points.

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