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Ad-Supported Options

Ad-supported Internet Access
Ad-supported Web Hosting
Ad-supported E-Mail Accounts
E-Mail Forwarding
Ad-supported File Storage

Ad-supported Internet Access

NetZero Free Service (United Online Communications, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA)

  • Internet Access
  • E-mail account and virus protection
  • Limited to 10 hours per household per month

Juno Free Service (United Online Communications, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA)

  • Internet Access
  • E-mail account and virus protection
  • Limited to 10 hours per household per month

Ad-supported Web Hosting (Orem, UT; About Web Services, About, Inc.--Primedia, Inc.) 
An ad-supported Web hosting account has limited Web site creation and management options. A list of options for the ad-supported and commercial hosting services is provided within the Compare Packages directory (or file).

Free Web Sites (Maidstone.Net, Ltd; Kent, England, UK)

  • ad-supported: adverts are placed on your Web site (no pop-up or banner ads)

  • 50MB of space

  • Unlimited e-mail addresses

  • free subdomain name (several choices)

  • FTP access for uploading and site management

  • 2MB file size limit

  • commercial or no-ads option
An extensive list of ad-supported Web hosting services. A service summary is provided, and a notation about any service-related complaints or problems. Excellent info for researching Web hosting options that are ad-supported or commercial.

Ad-supported and Web-based E-Mail Accounts

The following ad-supported options are useful for one or more alternate e-mail addresses. Such account can be use as a "disposal" address when registrants seek a job, register for temporary online or offline memberships, purchase products (and some services) online, and access to research-related Web sites or databases. 

E-Mail Forwarding

Bigfoot Communications (Bigfoot Group, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region)
E-mail Forwarding Basic [no cost]--account holders must accept e-mail marketing

  • create a lifetime e-mail address (e.g.,
  • registration information options: private, screen, or public
  • forward up to 50 messages per day (file attachments, up to 3MB)
  • commercial e-mail forwarding services include: WebMail, E-mail Alerts, and Bigfoot Anti-SPAM

Note: Your electronic messages are delivered promptly, although they are routed through mail servers within the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).
Caution. A basic e-mail forwarding account appears to, by default, have a "catch-all" mail server configuration. Therefore, these no cost accounts accept and forward unsolicited commercial messages (a.k.a., "spam") that include an approximation of your actual username.

Ad-supported File Storage

Yahoo Briefcase (Yahoo, Inc.)
Ad-supported; No cost registration (or existing Yahoo community members)

  • 30MB of file storage

  • upload one to six files per transfer

  • 5MB maximum transfer (one to six files)

  • flexible folder creation and file management

  • permit Yahoo account holders to access files within designated folders

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