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For Black Folks (and Others)

Contemporary Information
Organizations and Advocacy
Quizzes (and Resources)

Contemporary Information

How Race is Lived in America (New York Times Series)
Read the most recent report or select articles from the archive--compelling reports! Readers may participate in a follow-up discussion forum related to the articles and essays in the series. This site also includes an audio library with dozens of interviews--excellent first-person presentations. (Black Press Institute/National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation/Howard University)
Public access--ad supported. A resource for national news reports, editorials, and essays related to African Americans. Noteworthy directories include:

AOL Black Voices (AOL, LLC/Time Warner Inc., New York, NY)
Public access--ad-supported. Features include African-American contemporary culture, news, entertainment, and sports. Interactive options are available through message boards and chats. In addition, advice articles related to relationships and beauty are available. (Nosyt Computer Services, Inc., Brandon, FL)
Public access. The focus is on Blacks in the State of Florida. Networking channels are available, and the major directories include: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economy, Education, News, Shopping and Fashion, Black Lifestyle, Sports and recreation, Community Organizations, The Internet, and Resources. (Abstract Concepts Inc., Dallas, TX)
Public access--ad-supported. Directories are provided for community events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) Metro Area. Channels include: Online community, DFW Community at Large, Entertainment, Online Tools, Announcements, Feature Articles, and Editorials. (The Freedom Group, Inc., Atlanta, GA)
Public access. The default and primary directory, Published News, is a compendium links to many user-submitted articles from well-know news publishers. Access articles are related to Black culture, politics, entertainment, sports, business, etc.

The Black Experience (Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL)
Public access. A list of links to historical, artistic, educational, and entertainment Web sites. (AllAfrica Global Media, Mauritius [Indian Ocean]; AllAfrica, Inc., Delaware, USA)
An electronic distributor of African news and information for Africa-interested individuals, businesses, scholars, tourists, the Peace Corps, and others interested the various countries that make up the African continent.

Organizations and Advocacy

NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
Public access. The main page is complemented with multiple directories that address policy and advocacy, and legal issues. Additional links are provided to events, programs, and ways to become involved and support the NAACP.

National Urban League (New York, NY)
Public access. The National Urban League, established in September 1910, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, community-based organization, which emphasizes education, adult economic self-sufficiency, and civil rights There are 102 National Urban League Affiliates located in 36 states and the District of Columbia. Major Web site directories include: programs, affiliates, get involved, news, publications, and events.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
Public access. Incorporated in 1944, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) has grown to include 39 member colleges. It is the most successful African American higher education assistance organization. The For Students directory includes information related to scholarships and special programs. (Cliff Robertson, Founder)
Public access--ad supported. promotes unity, freedom, achievement and self-esteem through the celebration of June 19th across the nation and beyond. Juneteenth celebrates an end to the enslavement of African Americans within Texas. From its Galveston, TX origin in 1865, the observance of June 19th as the African American Emancipation Day has spread across the United States and to other countries. Note: Notification of the January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Abraham Lincoln was withheld from enslaved African Americans in the state of Texas until June 19, 1865.

[Archive] Womanist Theory and Research [WTR] (Institute for African-American Studies, University of Georgia)
Public access. A 1995-1999 archive of articles published by Womanist Theory and Research. Links are provided for online access to articles published in 1995, 1996-97, and 1999. Peer-reviewed articles are authored by women of color who are scholars and students in within the humanities, feminist research, humanities, social sciences, education, theology, law, medicine, politics, librarianship, journalism, art and other disciplines and professions.


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (The New York Public Library)
Online and public access for many documents--selected databases require a NY Public Library or alternate ID number. Obviously, specific archival material requires a visit to the Schomburg Center.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, An American Slave (Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE)
Public Domain. Access each chapter of the 1845 autobiography of a noted African American Abolitionists who was enslaved in Maryland until he escaped in 1838.

Documenting the American South [DocSouth] (University Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Public access. DocSouth includes ten thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs. T
his collection provides Southern perspectives on American history and culture. Accessible documents are appropriate for teachers, students, and researchers.

The African-American Mosaic (The Library of Congress)
Public access. The Mosaic is a resource guide for a 500-year study of Black history and culture in the Western hemisphere. Library collections (e.g., books, periodicals, photos, film, and recorded sound) are identified and described within this Web site; however, direct access to most content requires a visit to The Library of Congress.

The Tulsa Race Riot: A Report by the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 (The Tulsa Reparations Coalition [TRC]; Center for Racial Justice, Inc.)

  • PDF files (or four separate PDF files)--multiple photographs
  • HTML File--minimum photographs

Britannica Online [History--Africa] (Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., Chicago, IL)
Commercial (with a trial option). Britannica provides a profile (e.g., people, language, religion, culture, economy, history, etc.) of sovereign countries within the continent of Africa. (A seven-day no obligation trial subscription is available, and an annual subscription is available to the 32 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica.)

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement (Seattle Times, The Seattle Times Company, Seattle, WA)
Public access. The historical content areas are arranged within three sub-directories: 1) About MLK; 2) Perspectives; and 3) Guestbook. A sample of items include: period photos, text of selected speeches, a biography, quizzes, and a study guide and lesson plan. Student essays and Guestbook entries (1996-2006) provide subjective information about how Martin Luther King Jr influenced individuals.

Buffalo Soldiers [African Americans on the American Frontier] (International Museum of the Horse, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY)
Public access. An introduction and five articles, including the 9th and 10th Cavalry, are accessible from this directory. In addition, Buffalo Soldiers who were recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor are identified.

African American Perspectives-Pamphlets (Daniel A. P. Murray Collection)
Public access. As a Library of Congress directory, the Daniel Alexander Payne Murray (1818-1907) Pamphlet Collection presents a review of African American history and culture (primarily between 1875-1900). Authors in this collection include: Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Benjamin W. Arnett, Alexander Crummel, and Emanuel Love.

African American Odyssey (The Library of Congress)
Public access. This Special Presentation (text and images) of a Library of Congress exhibition highlights major Black historical events, and provides a glimpse into the Library's African American collection. The collections included are:

USA History: Civil Rights 1860-1980 (Spartacus Educational, United Kingdom)
Public access--ad-supported. This site includes an extensive list of links to Civil Rights Campaigners, Issues, and Events and Organizations from 1860-1980. Additional content includes Forum Debates (The Education Forum)--a reasoned discussion of multiple events, organizations, and individuals associated with the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.

Harlem 1900-1940--An African-American Community (Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library)
Public access. Links are provided to directories for exhibitions (individuals and events), Timeline, For Teachers, and Resources.

Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties (Charles J. Kappler; Oklahoma State University Library)
Public access. This series of documents published by the Oklahoma State University Library include many laws (Congressional legislation, and executive and Departmental orders) and treaties related to Native Americans in the United States from the 1870s until the 1970s.

Tangled Roots (Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Abolition, Resistance, and Slavery, Yale University)
A research project related to the shared history of African Americans and Irish Americans. Explanatory articles and documents are linked from the main site. Also, refer to the Document Archive directory for in-depth articles arranged by author, date, subject, or document type.

Slavery Era Insurance Registry (California Department of Insurance)
Public access. Pursuant to Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 3, Article 7.3, California Code of Regulations Sections 2393-2398, the public can review slaves and slaveholders documents from insurance companies with a presence in California. The practice of slaveholders insuring their "property" (i.e., enslaved African Americans) existed before and after the infamous, Missouri-based, 1857 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Dred Scot v. Sanford.

[The] HistoryMakers (Chicago, IL)
Public Access. A Web site, which claims to be the largest archival project related to oral history. African American History Makers are listed within 15 categories--from Art to Style. Click on the photo to read a biographical sketch of each History Maker. Additional information is available through the directories: Timeline and Resources.

ANC (African National Congress, South Africa) Historical Documents
Public access. This directory of the main site provides links to many historical documents (e.g., speeches, conference document, press releases, and trial statement). Links to Nelson Mandela's speeches and papers are provided.

The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences (Mitchell C. Brown, University of California-Irvine)
Public access. A
profile African American scientists in such fields as: biochemistry, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. In addition, inventors and other scientific fields are represented.

The Official Kwanzaa Web Site (Dr. Maulana Karenga, Founder of Kwanzaa)
Public access. Components of the Kwanzaa ("first fruits") Celebration are outlined through multiple directories. The founder's welcome directory and his annual messages (1994-2007) are included. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) directory is provided.

Kwanzaa Information Center (Melanet, LC Norfolk, VA)
Public access. Several "chapter" provide a historical overview, and a discussion of traditions and practices related to Kwanzaa. The chapters are: What is Kwanzaa?; Symbols; Principles; Feel Good; and Schedule.

Quizzes (and Resources)

Quiz--About MLK [Martin Luther King Jr]--Test your knowledge about civil rights (Seattle Times, The Seattle Times Company, Seattle, WA)

Quiz--Black History (Gale-Cengage Learning, Stamford, CT)
Public access. A 20-item online quiz--examines the respondent's knowledge about activists, entertainers, literary writers, and significant events in African American History.

See also: Gale's Timeline--Events in African-American History (1600-2003)

Quiz--Black Educators, Intellectuals, and Leaders (Fact Monster/Information Please, Boston, MA)
Public access--ad-supported. A 10-item interactive quiz--background information is provided for each question.

See also: Black History Month features links to Notable African Americans, Timelines, Special Features, Quizzes and Crosswords, and an Almanac and Reference with demographic, education, and economic information.

Quiz--The Internet African American History Challenge (; Domain Registrant--Philip B. Davis, Rochester, NY)
Public access. A three-level, interactive, and "open book" quiz, which evaluates your knowledge of African American History. (Quiz-takers can use links listed within a side-by-side frame to answer specific questions.)

World Book Encyclopedia and Learning Resources (World Book, Inc., Chicago, IL):

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